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In Commercial & Corporate setup interior designing and decoration, Sneha Interiors makes a strong design statements which connect with the companies brand image, goodwill and reputation in the market. The people who walk in the office and the team working has a great feeling, the kind of atmosphere created by the designs and decorations is exuberant.

They say the first impression is the last impression, and this stands true especially for everything in life, even your business & work place. The Office Interior & Exterior Designer In Mumbai says a lot about the company, so it is necessary to design it in the best possible way to impress clients, business associates and have a great working environment. Right from the entry through the reception and conference rooms, every corner of your office should reflect the vision of your company, that’s exactly what our interior designers at Sneha Interiors does, when you assign the work to Sneha Interior.

Over the years our Office Interior & Exterior Designer In Mumbai have closely worked with a number of multi-faceted business houses offering various different services. Each of these projects was different and were challenge in itself. Our team approached them all with passion, dedication, efficiency and delivered the finest product with utmost client satisfaction. At Sneha Interiors, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet the demands of today’s businesses by taking care of all their business and leisure requirements.

We have worked on a number of different projects and willingly take up unique projects every day. So, whether you are from any business house, corporate, commercial, retail outlet, our experts will develop the best Office Interior & Exterior Designer In Mumbai concept based on your needs as well as that of your business. With years of knowledge, savvy taste and advanced experience we are one of the best commercial interior design firms you will find in Mumbai.

Specifically, I am highly skilled in:

  • Consulting with clients to determine requirements, preferences, safety requirements and use of space.
  • Developing comprehensive plans and 3-D models via computer programs (CAD and graphics software) to arrange walls, dividers, displays, lighting, furniture and other fixtures.
  • Building up plans, elevations, cross sections and detailed drawings.
  • Estimating costs and materials required.

We would like to offer our service to your company. I will contract you for further discussion at a time convenient to you.

We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.